Epica Studio. The story starts here.

We are an independent content production company for film, television and new platforms. We have won the India Catalina Award, the most prestigious award in Colombian television. Epica Studio was born at the beginning of 2019 with a clear vocation towards premium narratives, and in a few years it has positioned itself in the Colombian audiovisual market due to its innovative stories, experience, and its capacity to get results. Epica has produced 5 television series, and is developing scripted content for TV and film.

Above all, we are storytellers. We choose stories with entertainment values and themes that we are eager to explore. We like to think and feel.

Our talent has extensive experience in a variety of formats, genres and styles. Behind each of our stories, there is an experienced team of artists and technicians who make it possible.

What we do

We produce original and commissioned content. We offer full services, from conception and content development to production and delivery of the final product.

Filming in Colombia

Colombia offers amazing locations, experienced talent, tax incentives and cash rebates that could amount to an average of 30% of local expense for projects fully or partially developed in the country.

If you want to know more about tax incentives and cash rebates, visit:


Boris Abaunza Q. 

Creative Director

Director and writer with more than 15 years of experience. He started in the world of children's television and moved on to write and direct projects for all kinds of audiences. He has been the winner of Portafolio de Estímulos, Crea Digital and Abre Camara grants. He was Leader of Innovation, Research and Development in Señal Colombia (Colombia's Public Service Broadcaster). He is a graduate of the M.A in Creative Writing from  Universidad Nacional.

He has worked as writer or director in projects such as Night Shift (MinTIC Abre Cámara), Knocked Out (Canal Capital), Alpha (Canal Capital), Outcasts (MinTIC Abre Cámara), Freelancers (Canal Capital), Pasos seguros (Discovery Kids), Heartbeats (Minciencias), The Science of Music (Canal 13), What's cooking (Canal Capital), Perico's show (Señal Colombia / Paka Paka) and The Experiment (Canal Capital).

Julia María Rincón

Executive Producer

Julia Ma. Rincón has worked in film and television more than 15 years. She studied Film and Photography, and Social Communication. She was an Executive Producer of children's content and digital content at Señal Colombia (Colombia's Public Service Broadcaster). She was Director and Executive Producer of RTVCPlay, the VOD platform for the country's public media system.

She has worked as General Producer and Production Manager in projects such as Night Shift (MinTIC Abre Cámara), Knocked Out (Canal Capital), Alpha (Canal Capital), Outcasts (MinTIC Abre Cámara), Freelancers (Canal Capital), Heartbeats (Minciencias), Distrito cultural (Canal Capital), Cuando era chico quería ser grande (Paka Paka) and Perico's show (Señal Colombia and Paka Paka). As she was working at RTVCPlay, she supervised the production of TV series such as La de Troya, DesconectadosMundos Paralelos and 48 Horas para Existir.