I think I’m dying

A music producer thinks he’s dying. He experiences palpitations, sweats and nefarious thoughts. He talks about spirits that haunt him and come to get him. It all starts when he receives an award for his work with the “Gaiteros de San Jacinto” band on the album Caminolargo (Longway). To recover, he must understand what’s causing his palpitations.

This short film was produced by Epica Studio for the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation -MinCiencias-. 



Genre: Psychological comedy
Format: Short film – 2D animation
Audience: Family
Duration: 7 minutes
Language: Spanish



  • Official Selection Festival Internacional de Cortometraje UVAQ, Mexico 2021
  • Official Selection Festival Internacional de Cine de Rengo, Chile 2021
  • Official Selection Festival Audiovisual de los Montes de María, Colombia 2021
  • Official Selection Festival Internazionale del Cinema D’Animazione, del Fumeto e dei Games, Italy 2022
  • Official Selection Festival Internacional “Hacerlo Corto”, Argentina 2022
  • Official Selection Lift Off Sessions Pinewood Studios, England 2022
  • Official Selection Free Film Festival Pro, Argentina 2022
  • Official Selection Chaniartoon, Greece 2022
  • Official Selection Melrose Film Festival, USA 2022