I think I’m dying

A music producer thinks he’s dying. He experiences palpitations, sweats and nefarious thoughts. He talks about spirits that haunt him and come to get him. It all starts when he receives an award for his work with the “Gaiteros de San Jacinto” band on the album Caminolargo (Longway). To recover, he must understand what’s causing his palpitations.

Case study: This short film was produced for Minciencias (the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation), and is part of its short film series on Research + Creation.

Our challenge was to create a story that mixed elements of science (the Research + Creation process), art (the “gaita” music of Montes de María) and magical realism, without falling into cliches. The result is a psychological comedy inspired by the research + creation process that brought the Caminolargo album to life.


Genre: Psychological comedy
Format: Short film – 2D animation
Audience: Family
Duration: 7 minutes
Language: Spanish