What’s cooking?

Something’s wrong with this kitchen

What’s cooking? is a satirical comedy about everything that is wrong in the city of Bogotá. The story takes place in a TV kitchen studio for a cooking show. The chef attempts to cook his traditional recipes, but his production team makes it impossible.

Case study: This short-form series was designed and developed by Epica Studio, and produced by Corporación Lumen 2000 for Canal Capital.

Our challenge was to create short-form content that would highlight citizen values without scolding the audience. We chose satire as a genre for its entertainment potential. This allowed us to show the absurdity of typical anti-values in a funny and entertaining way.

The format was designed for production in a single location with a limited number of characters.


Genre: Comedy / Satire
Format: Live action / Scripted
Audience: Adults (18 a 30)
Duration: 3 – 4 minutes
Episodes: 15
Language: Spanish