The check is in the mail

Mapi, Rebeca y Beto can’t afford to pay for their own apartments. They’re roommates, and they’re also freelancers, struggling to achieve their dreams and make ends meet. Germán, Mapi’s boyfriend, has been squatting in Mapi’s room, hiding from the others so he won’t have to contribute any money for rent or utilities. Freelancers are the weakest link in the work food chain. These four friends will endure together the hardships and joys of having no job stability.

Frilos is co-produced by Epica Studio, Capital Sistema de Comunicación Pública and Loma Film Rental. It airs on Canal Capital.


Genre: Comedy
Format: Live action / Scripted
Audience: Adults (18 to 30)
Duration: 27 minutes
Episodes: 4
Language: Spanish