Two of our shows premiered on Canal Capital and Canal Trece this month.

On May 2, the animated series Alfa premiered on Canal Capital and its partner channel for kids Eureka. Alfa tells the story of a herd of stray animals that are forced to find a way to get together and search for food in the streets of downtown Bogotá during the pandemic. This animated comedy, aimed at a family audience, shows the streets of La Candelaria and its surrounding neighborhoods in Bogotá.

Alfa was produced by Epica Studio and Piragna Studios for Canal Capital. You can watch the series on Canal Capital’s website. Click here to watch it.

On May 9, Parias premiered on Canal Trece, a youth dramedy about four humiliated, rejected and ridiculed teens who find the best refuge in friendship. The series was produced with resources from the MinTIC Abre Cámara grant. It will soon reach the screens of other Colombian TV channels.