Rough times, rough friends

A humiliating photo of Alejo turns him into a viral meme, a laughingstock at school, an outcast. There are others like him in his neighborhood: Juancho is believed to be a psychopath because he killed a cat when he was little, Mariana’s ex-boyfriend published several sexual videos of her and ruined her life, and Gina is hated by everyone at her school. They are social pariahs, ostracized teens. Now that Alejo is an outcast like them, those whom he despised will become his greatest friends.

Teen dramedy Pariahs is in pre-production. Development and proof of concept (demo) were completed with the support of Es Cultura Local – Idartes.


Genre: Dramedy
Format: Live action / Scripted
Audience: Teens
Duration: 30 minutes
Episodes: 6
Language: Spanish